Renowned Italian photographer Giorgia Romiti writes about my work and travel on her “Love, Live, Wander” travel blog.


Giorgia Romiti is a talented photographer and passionate world traveller. Our love for adventure and its necessity for our work is something we have in common. Giorgia writes a fascinating blog about her traveling experiences and inspirations. Her recent blog post features some of the work I have done and the integration of traveling in my professional thought process. If you speak Italian, read this insightful and inspiring article on her Love Live Wander blog. If Italian is not your forte, please do yourself a favor and check out her photography on her official website, I promise you’ll be impressed!

El Ogorodova, un’artista a 360 gradi nel campo dell’entertainment. Blog post on “Love, Live, Wander” travel blog by photographer Giorgia Romiti.