Summer Solstice and a 2021 Recap So Far.

It is June 21st 2021. Considering my sporadic appearance on this blog, the summer solstice seems like a good day to post an update.

Here is a speedy summery of 2021’s first half.

New Year. New Company. Goat Knight is here.

In February I co-started a production company with a focus on documentary content. The company is called Goat Knight. and our slogan is “Climb Higher”. It’s going to be awesome (Just saying). My role will continue to mainly be that of a creative. I am truly excited about our upcoming projects, stay tuned.

Cool Appearances

As a jury member of the Indigo Design Award competition, I was asked to leave a comment for the winning animation “Arab News En Français”. My comment was published on Arab News. Check out the animation directed by Simon Khalil, it’s worth it.

I had the great pleasure of being nominated to speak with Shoutout LA. Interviews can be pretty interesting as they encourage you to stop and reflect about what it is you really think. Check out the full interview at Shoutout LA.


I had the great honor of being asked to organize and design an art exhibit for award-winning Spanish painter, Ana Westley. Organizing a (typically) social event during a pandemic is no easy task. I designed take-away cards for the visitors, as well as, created a promo video that quickly spread on social media and local websites. I also created a 3D model of the show that was used by the venue staff to built the exhibit. Regardless of the social restrictions, the exhibit had a good turnout including the president of the (AEPE) Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors. I highly recommend you check out some of Westley’s art at My personal favorites are “Ayuda”, “2020”, and “Fuente sin fondo”, although I hear the first two have already been sold.

What’s up with mograph?

With good fortune, my mograph work has been busy and steady, (Which I will gladly use as an excuse for not being able to stay current with my social media posts). Famous Group recently posted a Milwakee Bucks project I have been involved in earlier this year. Check it out on their instagram @famousgroupla.

To sum it all up:

There’s more to share but, I think I have reached the limit for acceptable length of a “speedy-summary” post.

To sum it all up: The year has been kind to me so far, I continue to love design, and I am eager to keep on building.

BTA Promo on Behance

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An Oldie But A Goodie. 

After all these YEARS, I finally got myself on Behance. I’ll post more what I think about the network as I get more familiar with it.

While I was away traveling, a couple of my projects got featured on the AIGA and After Effects gallery. One of these projects was an old student project I had directed back in 2010 while at Art Center College of design.

Oh how time flies!

BTA Promo on Behance

NFL Drafts 2017

el ogorodova, motion, videoart, 3D

VIXI AT NFL DRAFT 2017 from Vixi on Vimeo.


It has not even been two weeks since the NFL drafts yet it already seems so long ago! Vixi just published a video illustrating the immense work we did for NFL and C3 at the NFL Drafts 2017 in Philadelphia.

I was lead designer and animator on this project at The Famous Group. I animated over a dozen animations which were then versioned for all 32 teams. I lead a team of designers and animators in creating over 400 deliverables. In addition, I designed templates for customizable graphics that could be updated and uploaded live during the NFL Drafts.

32 team screen displaying team specific graphics, social media, and live draft updates. This was an incredible experience and I am very proud of the end result!

u/FlightAttendency: Reddit Ask Me Anything


This fun animation went live exactly a week ago. I had a great time working with the Reddit team in creating this little short. Produced by Taylor Humphreys and edited/directed by Jack MacIlvain.

My role on the project was storyboarding, style, illustration and animation. It was a lot of fun!

This project actually inspired me to check out Adobe’s Character Animator. Although it wouldn’t have been necessary for the purpose and style of this particular project, it could be a fun technique to try in the future.

u/FlightAttendency: Reddit Ask Me Anything