One of my favorite projects in 2020.

One of my favorite projects this year, turned out to be one that I have been a part of for the past 5 years. NFL works with The Famous Group to design, animate and produce a series of animations for NFL’s supported initiatives throughout the football season.

2020’s message was that of strength, positivity but also, of humanity. We’re all in this together and, as NFL’s tagline said this year, “It takes all of us”.

Working from home in 2020 most certainly changed my perspective on many things, including my thoughts on how to approach a project I have been a part of for many years. 

Working outside of the usual office environment pushed me into a more playful and experimental state of mind. This could have been because there was no one looking, or perhaps it was my attempt to win over the dullness of being quarantined in an apartment for weeks. It was probably both those things. 

Torn, crumpled and taped paper carpeted the floor, along with paint stains, streaks and splashes. The result was a unique composition with custom textures created for the sole purpose of this animation alone. 

Clean bold graphics softened by an imperfect but human touch. 2020’s NFL’s initiative animation is a full immersion into a tactile and familiar environment. Elements draw on and scratch off, as they lead the animation at an energetic pace.

This was a fun project and an experience I will certainly be taking with me into my future work. 

As usual, it was a total pleasure working with the team at The Famous Group and The National Football League.